Malvani days!

Just returned from a refreshing trip to Malvan. Serene beaches, silver shining sand, tall coconut trees, delicious cuisine and a calm and peaceful village was all Malvan had to offer. Dolphin sighting and scuba diving were definitely the show stoppers.

Yes, after 5 days long trip, joining work back today was hard, but I did manage to complete the day without a single yawn, thanks to the lingering memories and pictures in my cellphone :).

Here I share some of the pictures with you.

Sunset near Kankavli, on the way to Malvan

After tiring 14 hour journey, reached Devbaug at 9 pm to be welcomed by the moon peeping through the coconut trees, just above our hotel room

Next day, at 7 am we walked to the river bank, all set to take a boat ride to watch dolphins. Some clicks at the river bank

It was so exciting and fulfilling to watch so many dolphins jump so close to us. Getting a non blurry photo was a tough job, as the jump lasted only for a second. Here is a small clip of one of the jumps. Though not the best one, I am glad, I have at least something to share

Views during the boat ride

Tsunami island

Light house

Seagull island

After the boat ride, we headed to Kunkeshwar.

Delicious local cuisine on the way for lunch

Kunkeshwar temple and beach

We then returned to Devbaug, to view sunset at Devbaug beach

This crabby was busy enlarging it’s home, thus creating beautiful sand art surrounding it

Next morning was dedicated to scuba diving. What a wonderful experience it was, my first time 🙂

Some scenes at the beach in the morning

Visited Sindhudurg fort post lunch

Then the rock garden

Next morning was the time to bid adieu to the beautiful place.


Sunset hues!

The beauty of a rising or setting sun has always left me flabbergasted. In spite of being a daily affair, it never leaves any one getting bored of it.

Yellow to orange to pinkish red transforming sun beautifies any scene be it a beach, mountain or routine cityscape.

Just thought of collating some of the sunset pictures I clicked over the years and share them over here.

Bright orange sun, creating human silhouttes at Harihareshwar beach

Another shot at the same beach, few minutes later

Serene and calm sea

Rising sun near my apartment, clouds adding to the beauty

Some where near Nainitaal, just after the sunset

Cloudy sunset at Dal lake, Kashmir

Nagaon beach – parachute hiding some part of pinkish sun.

Orange yellow hues at the same beach

Orange dot near my office building – Infosys, Pune

Tricolor formation – my office campus

Orange black combination again at my office campus

Hope you liked the pictures!

The Homecoming..!

Fed up of the days mundane,
She fancied the idea of change,
To quit the life so sane,
Pack the bags and simply escape.
where no place shall ever seem silly,
She found herself drifting already,
China, France, Vegas, Italy,
Each one seemed fresher than lily.

Dancing on the tunes of “Niagara falls”,
“Maid of the mist” was on top of all,
Exploring the botany in the “Central park”,
Till the legs ached and it was dark,
Lights on the “Brooklyn bridge” shining bright,
“Time square” still gave it a tough fight.
Could “Statue of liberty” be missed at all?
Manhattan skyline standing tall.

The skyline reminded her of Mumbai always,
“Marine drive” on the rainy days,
Shopping like crazy on “linking road”,
“Juhu chowpatty” and the street food,
Watching the sun drown in the deep sea water,
Catching the local train to get home faster.
Mumbai girl can find peace nowhere else,
She realised, here itself her heart dwells.

Wanderer at heart, she would never stop roaming,
But there always has to be homecoming,
Combing the beautiful memories through,
One has to join back routine with energy new.
For the change once thought,
Has to be again sought,
Else it will be permanent too,
To be a routine, boring true.

‘She’ and her dream ‘He’!


How merrier would it be,
To find, one with likes, same as ‘She’,
Together the world they would see,
Nature, adventures or movies be,
To nothing, would ever object ‘He’,
Adrenaline spikes would constant be.

How merrier would it be,
If calm n composed ‘He’ could be,
When becomes chirpy ‘She’.
‘She’ would promise the same for ‘He’,
With jokes, ‘She’ would, prepared be
To bring a smile, when sad is ‘He’.

How merrier would it be,
To find someone as crazy as ‘She’,
Sing aloud on the driveways free,
Or dance along weird, but merrily,
Never object to let her herself be,
Sweet will be life’s melody.

How merrier would it be,
To share a wonderful chemistry,
One glance would ever enough be,
To know what mood is in ‘She’.
Nothing can take ‘He’ away from ‘She’,
‘He’ will always stand by ‘She’.

How merrier would it be,
To find a best friend to accompany,
Who will always be with ‘She’,
Like a cloudy layer, on the days sunny,
‘She’ won’t wish, ‘He’ brings, moon or stars any,
Simple n sweet their love story be.

How merrier would it be,
To get a partner, as ‘She’ expects to be,
There will be differences, ‘She’ does agree,
For this no dream world or a movie,
So better ‘She’ always prepared be,
To accept what is in destiny!

Sailer sails through!

Weak fragile (may) her appearance be,
She dares to sail through the vast sea.
Never afraid of the depth is she,
It, in turn, adds to her glee.

Storms, turbulences whatever be,
Nothing does ever, stop thee.
Overcoming everything confidently,
Sets herself on success spree!

Life is never, plain and thorough,
it does always have cliffs and troughs
Sailer in her knows to sustain though,
And cross the hurdles that life has to throw.

Come what may, she won’t give up trying.
Never does she believe in sitting n crying.
No failures can make her sulk and frown
She has never known to sink n drown.

Success can just be a little late,
She has complete belief in her fate.
Glory finally opens its gate,
To pay her efforts off handfully straight.

Shores do set her even more free,
They are an obsession, she does agree.
Each win raises her confidence thrice,
To continue the legacy of rock n rise

Weak fragile (may) her appearance be,
She dares to sail through the vast sea.

Quest to seek the king!

While I write this, I am sitting in a jam-packed airport lounge, with AC running at its lowest pace and chitter-chatter is at its highest possible decibel. Kids running helter-skelter, often bumping up, splashing eatables, eventually snowballing the messy affair. To add to it, the flight is delayed by another hour.

But nothing does irritate me, not even to a slightest possible extent. I sit here, peacefully penning this piece down, intermittently wiping sweat off my gleeful face. Even I am surprised, as this is not quite me. The usual me would get irritated even by 1% of this. This is when I realise, the magical effect of the super-duper vacation, I was returning from. Yes, certain vacations do this to you. They wave their wand to suck out all your frustrations like a vacuum pump and set you freely floating like a cheerful butterfly.

Kanha national park was the destination chosen, which lies in the heart of India and ends up coloring it green. Our day here, would begin as early as 4.30 am, getting fully equipped with winter jacket (yeah, winter jackets in summer, that’s the beauty of it), scarf entangled with only eyes and nose wriggled out, neutral colored clothes and a pair of sunglasses. All this to protect from cold in the first half of safari, sun in the later half and dust all the way.

At 5.45 am sharp, park gate would open and fleet of gypsies would enter, dusting the dawn in it’s full glory. Quest to seek the king of jungle would commence. It would still be slightly dark, making the sighting probability shoot sky high. Tracing the paw marks, listening to the animal alarm calls, scanning through the water bodies, we would pray for the mighty king’s sight.

Getting to see an hour full of road show, 5 in 1 frame kind of bonanza, hunting scene, passer by look, sleeping beauty, just a glimpse, all of these or none of these – is all in lady luck’s hands and of course of the king himself. With the day’s ascend, hope would start descending the ladder down from “hunting scene” to “a mere glimpse” and then further down to at least a Leopard or a Bear, if not the tiger himself. 10.30 am, morning safari would end. On the way back, we would start reading the faces in the fellow gypsies to make out if they could spot a tiger. Nothing can hide the ecstasy of sighting a tiger or distress of not spotting one, off the faces.

As we return, hotel staff would all be ready to welcome with steamy breakfast followed by a rejuvenating cup of tea. Knackered by the bumpy gypsy ride (or by not having sighted a tiger), we would take relaxing warm shower and pounce straight into cozy bed to recover for the evening round of safari.

Evening round would begin at 3 pm. Tiger sighting chances are usually high early in the morning or late in the evening. So the first half would be spent in clicking sambar deers, barking deers, spotted deers, monkeys, langoors, barasinghas, black bucks, bisons, boars, peacocks, mongooses, eagles, owls and plenty of other flora and fauna. When the sun harshness is reduced, it would set a perfect stage for mesmerizing jungle landscapes. Evergreen Sal trees, bright orange fallen leaves, brown tinted bamboo and yellowish meadows would offer a great canvas to thin curvy roads.

End of the evening would again engage us in scanning water bodies for the big cat, as it’s his time to wake up, have water and fight scorching heat by dunking into it. Again, what we would get to witness, was complete stroke of luck, like in the game of poker. Striking similarity, made us assign this, some teen patti terminologies – we would refer “a mere glimpse” as “pair” , “more than 1 tiger in a frame” as “color”, “road show” as “sequence”, “hunting scene” as “trio” and “no luck” as “pack game”.

Although this set of safaris did disappoint us a bit, by a mere “pair” most of the times, we believe there is always a next time and promise “Kanha” we will definitely return. After all, sighting a tiger is just a small part of the overall chain of wonderful experiences and there is no paradox intended ☺

Beauty of closely observing birds and animals in their natural habitats, of dawn and dusk, sunrises and sunsets, virgin forests, abundant flora and fauna and pollution free fresh air – surely leaves the soul purified, mind refreshed and heart overjoyed. As someone rightly said, this connect that the woods have to offer, no wifi in the world can!

An ode to a fighter!

How could I stop myself from writing this sad yet inspiring story – story of a man who fought the fierce battle of life, all alone. For the cacophony of emotions, it triggered inside me and for the long lasting impact it had on me, it ought to be shared. It may serve as an eye opener for many of us – who complain of the problems so trivial, who end up being sad by the things so petty, who decide on quitting so soon and who keep finding negatives in every small aspect.

He is my dad’s friend, who happened to recently shift to Pune, to a society close to our house. Delighted by the news, dad invited him home for breakfast, last Sunday.

Man in his mid-70’s, he seemed quite cheerful, enthusiastic and active for his age. Friendly and extremely talkative facade of him made it easy to mingle and get the conversation going. One thing lead to another and slowly his story began to unfold.

He was diagnosed with rare type of cancer in its last stage and was recommended treatment only at a renowned hospital in Mumbai. He used to reside at a place, around 6 hours’ drive from Mumbai. Considering the heavy-duty aftereffects of chemotherapy, it seemed quite difficult to manage from a place so remote. But he decided to go for it. He would drive all the way to Mumbai, all alone, for his therapy, undergo the treatment and even drive back alone post the therapy (and I need dad to accompany me even to a dentist). Then he would take complete rest and rejuvenate himself for the next therapy session. This continued till he completed all his chemotherapy and radiation sessions. There were ups and downs in his physique, but he had no other alternative but to get up and get going in order to keep the physical, financial and mental equilibrium maintained.

There was more to add. Amidst all this, he lost his son in law, which imposed a severe blow on the family. Responsibility of his daughter and her young toddler came on him. Keeping aside his sufferings, he stood by her, moved in to her place to help her out and left no stone unturned to support her in her rough time. Meanwhile, he was diagnosed with another rare type of tuberculosis. This made it hard for him to swallow food, which consequently made him lose loads of weight, making it difficult even to stand on his own and walk. He would literally have to crawl around, in the house. But never did he give up. He kept going, continued his treatment with patience and finally after lot of struggle he recovered. He is now so fit, quite enough to start socializing all over again. The person who himself would have needed immense help some time back, now smilingly offers you help. And this is no hyperbole.

People usually get sideswiped only by listening to the word cancer. In addition to medical, need all the physical and mental support to get over it, and all this is quite explicable. But nothing could quiver this man’s spirit and strong will power. This strong will power helped him recuperate from all the grave diseases and situations life had thrown at him all at once.

The way he narrated his story with an unbroken grin and not even slightest hint of complain, spoke quite a lot about his positive and equally practical approach of looking at things. To accept what comes our way, work hard to get out of it and move ahead is what we can do, were his words.

How we look at the problems in our life and prepare our inner self to deal with them is of utmost importance. If we think weak of ourselves, weak we will be. If we think strong, strong we will be. If we think grave are the problems, graver they will be.

If we start thinking positively, in a strong demeanor and top it up with immense patience, nothing can stop us from adding a happy ending to our story.

Life doesn’t give us an opportunity to choose our story, it is the story that chooses us; but the choice of being a hero of it, is totally left to our discretion. Hats off to one such hero!