Malvani days!

Just returned from a refreshing trip to Malvan. Serene beaches, silver shining sand, tall coconut trees, delicious cuisine and a calm and peaceful village was all Malvan had to offer. Dolphin sighting and scuba diving were definitely the show stoppers.

Yes, after 5 days long trip, joining work back today was hard, but I did manage to complete the day without a single yawn, thanks to the lingering memories and pictures in my cellphone :).

Here I share some of the pictures with you.

Sunset near Kankavli, on the way to Malvan

After tiring 14 hour journey, reached Devbaug at 9 pm to be welcomed by the moon peeping through the coconut trees, just above our hotel room

Next day, at 7 am we walked to the river bank, all set to take a boat ride to watch dolphins. Some clicks at the river bank

It was so exciting and fulfilling to watch so many dolphins jump so close to us. Getting a non blurry photo was a tough job, as the jump lasted only for a second. Here is a small clip of one of the jumps. Though not the best one, I am glad, I have at least something to share

Views during the boat ride

Tsunami island

Light house

Seagull island

After the boat ride, we headed to Kunkeshwar.

Delicious local cuisine on the way for lunch

Kunkeshwar temple and beach

We then returned to Devbaug, to view sunset at Devbaug beach

This crabby was busy enlarging it’s home, thus creating beautiful sand art surrounding it

Next morning was dedicated to scuba diving. What a wonderful experience it was, my first time 🙂

Some scenes at the beach in the morning

Visited Sindhudurg fort post lunch

Then the rock garden

Next morning was the time to bid adieu to the beautiful place.

Sunset hues!

The beauty of a rising or setting sun has always left me flabbergasted. In spite of being a daily affair, it never leaves any one getting bored of it.

Yellow to orange to pinkish red transforming sun beautifies any scene be it a beach, mountain or routine cityscape.

Just thought of collating some of the sunset pictures I clicked over the years and share them over here.

Bright orange sun, creating human silhouttes at Harihareshwar beach

Another shot at the same beach, few minutes later

Serene and calm sea

Rising sun near my apartment, clouds adding to the beauty

Some where near Nainitaal, just after the sunset

Cloudy sunset at Dal lake, Kashmir

Nagaon beach – parachute hiding some part of pinkish sun.

Orange yellow hues at the same beach

Orange dot near my office building – Infosys, Pune

Tricolor formation – my office campus

Orange black combination again at my office campus

Hope you liked the pictures!