Tadoba safari tales!

Like every year, last year too we did visit Tadoba Andhari tiger reserve located at Nagpur, India. We had 6 rounds of safaris, that turned out to be quite fruitful. In addition to several birds, barking deers, monkeys and other common animals, we had wonderful sightings of a leopard and few tigers.

Here is the image of the leopard, sitting on the same tree for hours. Finally we left the spot, but he refused to leave.

The next set of images are of very famous tigress ‘Maya’. We were about to miss this awesome sighting by a minute, but in turn ended up having the closest sighting ever.

The gypsy guide and driver were too confident after a few alarm calls of a deer, that the tigress would surely come to that particular water body. We patiently waited for her at the spot for more than 30 minutes, but there were no signs of her. Even the alarm calls stopped and we all thought there is no luck today.

“Let’s go explore other parts of the forest.” Our guide signalled the driver.

Driver turned the engine on. In order to make a U-turn in the narrow area, he drove the gypsy straight, more towards the water body. This is when we heard another deer alarm call and there she was, peeping through the bushes:

We were told not to move even an inch and intrude other photographers. We happily agreed to it. She walked towards the water

Sat there and drank lots of water, gave few wonderful poses.

and then left. This was one of the closest and most beautiful sightings I have ever had. We were extremely lucky that day.

On the last day of our trip, weather started changing instantly during the evening round. It was about to rain. This is when we spotted a pair of sub-adult cubs of another famous tigress named ‘Choti Tara’, having fun, playing with each other, enjoying the soothing weather.

and here is the mother ‘Choti Tara’, keeping a watch on them from a distance.

Here are few birds and other animals from this trip

Though we missed seeing another one or two tigers just by few minutes, I believe 1 leopard and 4 tigers is good enough. Expecting more would be pure greedy. It was a great trip, to stay in my as well as my laptop’s memory forever.

2 thoughts on “Tadoba safari tales!

  1. Absolutely stunning pictures – I went through them twice to ensure I didn’t miss anything. Love the leopard lounging. How close you were to the tiger, you could have heard it lapping up the water. And, speaking of water, I was so surprised to see the tiger relaxing in the water – I would have thought cats, big or small, would not like the water. The bird pictures were terrific as well – those long beaks and vibrant colors and even the wise owl … what a treat for your eyes and ours as well.

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