Agony of one sided love!

Her love for him was true but one sided too.
Wise lady realized she should move on soon.
She made sure their paths won’t cross anymore.
Kept no contacts and cut off all ties to the core.

Hardly did she know, all her efforts were going to be in vain.
Destiny had to bring him back again,
The path which she couldn’t avoid, skip, or refuse,
She had absolutely no escape route.

Interactions continued and her falling for him too,
Each time little more than the last time it grew,
and then the truth of nothing being reverted would creep,
Making her heart sore and hurt her deep.

She then decided to make her heart strong,
If nothing is there on the other side, here too it should not linger on,
For you can’t force anyone to love you,
and crying the same cry again is not worth too.

But her heart was not so simple to mend,
All attempts to move on would fail,
If nothing is destined why do the paths cross?
There were no answers, only the agony stayed.

Secret admirer!

His smile could always make my day
Magic spell on day so gray
My memory could never erase it away
Recalling and blushing like a teenager may

His soothing voice I could never forget
It still does in the background play
Picks me up from the routine day
Drops me off the la la land away

His words would take my worries away
To find solace in all he had to say
I would just Sit back, relax and pray
and see my problems fade away

Sincere attention he would  always pay
To everything i had ever to say
Drives me crazy even today
Even more in love with him i stay

I wish I had some one like thee
For the beautiful journey to see
There is always a hopeful ray
Till then I be the secret admirer may..

So close yet so far…!

Neither does the distance, set us apart,
Nor that the medium, we have lost,
but there are thousand thoughts to cross,
that let go the feelings, for a toss.

How do I trust you, in so less time,
Being blind will, totally be a crime
Somehow I feel you are sublime,
I just want you to be totally mine.

Amid the world, so stern and tight,
Two hearts beating, truly in delight,
but nothing does end up being right,
for we are not up, to take up any fight.

Who does be emotional any more,
No longer they let hearts pour,
There are many options to explore,
when one is gone, there are so many more.

Holding on, is outdated and old,
but it is beautiful, if you dare unfold,
Unaware of what, future has to hold,
I wish we were, a bit more bold.

I don’t want you to, back burner be,
You are totally my priority,
I just expect the truth from thee,
Love will then, forever be.

What is meant to be, will surely be,
Time will show us the ways, you see,
Till then let the love, at par be,
So close yet so far, we continue to be!

Letting go!

Today as I let you go,
I have absolutely no ego,
No fretting over denial,
Just a number less to dial.

I instead feel so clear,
Back to my own, carefree attire,
Free to be as I desire,
Unbothered if you would admire

No mind games, to please you
No false hopes, to seek you
No finding ways, to cross paths
No waiting for your text backs

Life is as simple as it should be
Today as I let you go
I feel so light and free
To be once again back to real me!

This is today’s real feel, you see
there is no sarcasm indeed.
It was never meant to be,
True adieus are not so easy to bid!


Love is like a feather so grand,
swaying along through sun n sand,
Gentle breeze won’t let it land.

O little bird, Keep flying high,
Don’t you fret on days gone by,
For they were not worth a single cry!

Distance doesn’t matter, if the love is true,
It is what, you would always hold on to,
Stick together like a powerful glue

It does set you free like a beautiful bird
Leaving behind the material world
and make you reach the heights untold!

Ginger tea..!

Written for ttt_official’s poetry promt ‘Ginger tea’.

You heal my heart,
broken totally apart,
like hot ginger tea,
on the red throat be.

With the warmth you give,
all the cracks you sew,
my heart does renew,
To explore horizons new!

Out comes your caring anger,
Like spicy side of ginger,
when I deny getting through,
how can I then, not improve?

You know me inside out,
There is no doubt,
I love you too,
You are my mother true!

Unclosed chapters!

Some chapters in heart remain unclosed,
Pages rolling back and forth,
Bringing back the memories old,
Some unwelcome, some totally worth.

Familiar perfume or line of a song,
Is totally enough, to drag you along,
To people or places, you did once belong,
Giving you joy or hopes forlorn.

Scenes keep playing in a single skit,
Sulking or blushing, like a teenage kid,
Your face looks flat or completely lit,
Memories are sweet, some bitter bit.

Chasing old chapters is not a good bet,
They are to be browsed and then sinply left,
If you dwell in the past, you will surely fret,
Leave them behind, foot forward you set!