Tigers of Kanha!

Last few days were spent very close to nature. Had been to Kanha forest to spend extra long weekend, take a break from tedious routine, breathe some pollution-free fresh air and to be honest, see and photograph at least a few tigers. Must say luck did favour us this time, could see seven tigers; of which one did attempt a kill in front of us, another came walking head-on and one so close that we could have even touched him if we wished to.

Serene Sal forest:

As soon as we entered the forest, within an hour, we heard few alarming calls of a deer. We waited there and this magnificent guy emerged out of the dense Sal trees in less than a few minutes. The very first tiger, in the very first safari, he is named MB2. One of the 3 cubs of famous Mahabeer tigress, this one is around 2.5 to 3 years old.

In the same safari, spotted 3 cubs of tigress Dhwajandi hurriedly crossing the road.

On the same evening, after spending all the time looking for some stripes, we were finally happy to meet MB2’s sister MB3, enjoying her evening stroll, just 5 minutes before leaving the park.

Day 2 was a complete disappointment, as we could not spot even a single tiger.

Day 3 was the last day and did make up for Day 2. We were lucky to see tigress Neelam actually attempting a kill. She took more than an hour, keenly observing the kill from a distance, slowly and steadily heading forward and finally pouncing upon it.

On the way back, we saw tiger named Chota munna walking towards us from a distance. He was tired and panting, must have walked a lot. As we moved a bit more closer, he decided to take a break and sat down on one side of the road

He was truly the show stopper, perfect way to end the amazing trip.

Few other clicks from the trip:




With memories of Chota munna, Dhwajandi and Neelam still lingering in mind, I resumed work today, excited to share the stories with friends and colleagues. Four days were spent without any network coverage or wifi connection, but they really did serve the purpose well. We returned feeling completely refreshed, ready to restart with a new zest.

Valley of birds!

I had recently heard of a place ‘Sinhgad valley’ famous for birds, hardly 40 kms from my place. How could I not go explore it!

It is famous for Asian Paradise fly catchers, but had no luck to spot one today, another time may be. Nevertheless, there were so many other feathered beauties to make the visit worthwhile.

Sunset hues!

The beauty of a rising or setting sun has always left me flabbergasted. In spite of being a daily affair, it never leaves any one getting bored of it.

Yellow to orange to pinkish red transforming sun beautifies any scene be it a beach, mountain or routine cityscape.

Just thought of collating some of the sunset pictures I clicked over the years and share them over here.

Bright orange sun, creating human silhouttes at Harihareshwar beach

Another shot at the same beach, few minutes later

Serene and calm sea

Rising sun near my apartment, clouds adding to the beauty

Some where near Nainitaal, just after the sunset

Cloudy sunset at Dal lake, Kashmir

Nagaon beach – parachute hiding some part of pinkish sun.

Orange yellow hues at the same beach

Orange dot near my office building – Infosys, Pune

Tricolor formation – my office campus

Orange black combination again at my office campus

Hope you liked the pictures!