So close yet so far…!

Neither does the distance, set us apart,
Nor that the medium, we have lost,
but there are thousand thoughts to cross,
that let go the feelings, for a toss.

How do I trust you, in so less time,
Being blind will, totally be a crime
Somehow I feel you are sublime,
I just want you to be totally mine.

Amid the world, so stern and tight,
Two hearts beating, truly in delight,
but nothing does end up being right,
for we are not up, to take up any fight.

Who does be emotional any more,
No longer they let hearts pour,
There are many options to explore,
when one is gone, there are so many more.

Holding on, is outdated and old,
but it is beautiful, if you dare unfold,
Unaware of what, future has to hold,
I wish we were, a bit more bold.

I don’t want you to, back burner be,
You are totally my priority,
I just expect the truth from thee,
Love will then, forever be.

What is meant to be, will surely be,
Time will show us the ways, you see,
Till then let the love, at par be,
So close yet so far, we continue to be!


Love is like a feather so grand,
swaying along through sun n sand,
Gentle breeze won’t let it land.

O little bird, Keep flying high,
Don’t you fret on days gone by,
For they were not worth a single cry!

Distance doesn’t matter, if the love is true,
It is what, you would always hold on to,
Stick together like a powerful glue

It does set you free like a beautiful bird
Leaving behind the material world
and make you reach the heights untold!

Ginger tea..!

Written for ttt_official’s poetry promt ‘Ginger tea’.

You heal my heart,
broken totally apart,
like hot ginger tea,
on the red throat be.

With the warmth you give,
all the cracks you sew,
my heart does renew,
To explore horizons new!

Out comes your caring anger,
Like spicy side of ginger,
when I deny getting through,
how can I then, not improve?

You know me inside out,
There is no doubt,
I love you too,
You are my mother true!

Unclosed chapters!

Some chapters in heart remain unclosed,
Pages rolling back and forth,
Bringing back the memories old,
Some unwelcome, some totally worth.

Familiar perfume or line of a song,
Is totally enough, to drag you along,
To people or places, you did once belong,
Giving you joy or hopes forlorn.

Scenes keep playing in a single skit,
Sulking or blushing, like a teenage kid,
Your face looks flat or completely lit,
Memories are sweet, some bitter bit.

Chasing old chapters is not a good bet,
They are to be browsed and then sinply left,
If you dwell in the past, you will surely fret,
Leave them behind, foot forward you set!

Sailer sails through!

Weak fragile (may) her appearance be,
She dares to sail through the vast sea.
Never afraid of the depth is she,
It, in turn, adds to her glee.

Storms, turbulences whatever be,
Nothing does ever, stop thee.
Overcoming everything confidently,
Sets herself on success spree!

Life is never, plain and thorough,
it does always have cliffs and troughs
Sailer in her knows to sustain though,
And cross the hurdles that life has to throw.

Come what may, she won’t give up trying.
Never does she believe in sitting n crying.
No failures can make her sulk and frown
She has never known to sink n drown.

Success can just be a little late,
She has complete belief in her fate.
Glory finally opens its gate,
To pay her efforts off handfully straight.

Shores do set her even more free,
They are an obsession, she does agree.
Each win raises her confidence thrice,
To continue the legacy of rock n rise

Weak fragile (may) her appearance be,
She dares to sail through the vast sea.

Floody chaos!

I started at six,
when I was in a fix,
there were no carpools around,
Uber said ‘No cabs found’,

Let’s try in a while i thought,
till then, shelter i sought.
I waited till seven,
but there was no change ‘o heaven’.

all my efforts in vain
and now it started to rain.

There came a bus
i got in, in fuss
finding a seat
was another feat

soon the rain got heavy
passengers all in worry
there were huge traffic jams
roads became dams

lightening and thunders
setting dear ones in shivers
phones all ringing
telling umbrellas they are bringing

Finally my destination i could see
i jumped out, there was water till my knee

Road looked more like a river
water flowing faster than ever
power cut made it darker
reaching home, sounded all the more tougher

Soon they formed a human chain
to cross the flowing terrain
we crossed it, in its entire length
and proved unity is strength

heart got back to its normal thump
there was a winning triumph

Finally home i found
my joy knew no bound
this day i can forget never
hope there be no floods ever.
I pray to you ‘Rain God’
Let there be peace accord.