Ginger tea..!

Written for ttt_official’s poetry promt ‘Ginger tea’.

You heal my heart,
broken totally apart,
like hot ginger tea,
on the red throat be.

With the warmth you give,
all the cracks you sew,
my heart does renew,
To explore horizons new!

Out comes your caring anger,
Like spicy side of ginger,
when I deny getting through,
how can I then, not improve?

You know me inside out,
There is no doubt,
I love you too,
You are my mother true!

Unclosed chapters!

Some chapters in heart remain unclosed,
Pages rolling back and forth,
Bringing back the memories old,
Some unwelcome, some totally worth.

Familiar perfume or line of a song,
Is totally enough, to drag you along,
To people or places, you did once belong,
Giving you joy or hopes forlorn.

Scenes keep playing in a single skit,
Sulking or blushing, like a teenage kid,
Your face looks flat or completely lit,
Memories are sweet, some bitter bit.

Chasing old chapters is not a good bet,
They are to be browsed and then sinply left,
If you dwell in the past, you will surely fret,
Leave them behind, foot forward you set!

Sailer sails through!

Weak fragile (may) her appearance be,
She dares to sail through the vast sea.
Never afraid of the depth is she,
It, in turn, adds to her glee.

Storms, turbulences whatever be,
Nothing does ever, stop thee.
Overcoming everything confidently,
Sets herself on success spree!

Life is never, plain and thorough,
it does always have cliffs and troughs
Sailer in her knows to sustain though,
And cross the hurdles that life has to throw.

Come what may, she won’t give up trying.
Never does she believe in sitting n crying.
No failures can make her sulk and frown
She has never known to sink n drown.

Success can just be a little late,
She has complete belief in her fate.
Glory finally opens its gate,
To pay her efforts off handfully straight.

Shores do set her even more free,
They are an obsession, she does agree.
Each win raises her confidence thrice,
To continue the legacy of rock n rise

Weak fragile (may) her appearance be,
She dares to sail through the vast sea.