In love with the rainy season!

Someone recently happened to ask me – ‘Which is your favorite month?’ and it took me almost no time to blurt the answer out ‘August’.

I have always had a whirlwind romance with rainy season and for that matter, all the rainy months are apple of my eye. Each one adds its own flavor to present the dainty dish.

June marks the onset with lightning and thunder. It adds its own scent too, in the form of ‘petrichor’.
July is its boom period. Heavy rain pours being its true charm.
August has the perfect blend of not little and not too much rain. Sun and rain manifest a cordial relation to embellish August.
September waves it a good bye with serene tungsten lighting and lightning and thunders yet again.

May be it is the amount of rains that makes August special for me. As if sun and rain keep playing hide and seek and rainbow is the nature’s way of calling out “Olly olly oxen free”.

The green carpet that gets laid as soon as it starts drizzling makes everything around, look like a colorful landscape. Every nook and corner seems decorated. This makes the setup perfect for some wonderful outings. Plan a hike – where you get to completely submerge in nature’s beauty while actually getting soaked in rain. Or plan a visit to nearby hill station – fog, mist, waterfalls will drown you down in their mesmerizing views. Waterfalls around you will be so many that your group can actually get a personal one. Lip smacking plate of locally served onion pakodas and steaming hot tea will surely be cherry on the top.

Rains are enjoyable from home too. There is no pleasure like watching it rain like cats and dogs from your window while sipping your customized self-brewed cup of coffee. Birds fluttering their drenched wings and Animals seeking shelter, Car wipers waving all the way and bikes snaking through the pot holes, Kids jumping into the water puddles and adults trying to completely avoid them, Farmers thanking the rain god and regular office commuters blaming him for the wrong timings. This makes for a perfect rainy day scenario.

Rain sometimes transforms the easy daily routine into a nasty one. Daily commute to office has to bear the burden of huge traffic jams. Walking in the rain is yet another task – adjusting the umbrella according to the direction of wind and walking slowly and carefully in order to avoid getting mud painting done on the clothes. Rainy season surely makes one put their creative hats on and develop their own sartorial style that can either hide the mud paintings completely or can at least dry them off sooner if you have to erase them. Despite of all this, i think, the uncertainty that the rain brings in, definitely adds to the thrill of it.

As a kid, I remember, my joy knew no bounds when it rained too heavily. Getting to bunk the school and spend entire day playing in it, sailing colorful paper boats through the rivers flowing all around, will always remain a fond memory.

Well, I can simply go on and on, wax lyricing about it. I am completely head over heels and rainy season makes me fall in love with itself over and over again.
If something refreshes me more than the cup of coffee, it is surely the howling wind, pitter patter raindrops,dancing trees and the romantic weather.

Mr Waghdoh ! 2/22/2016

fb_img_1483013154813Sometimes all you need is a short break, close to nature, away from hustle and bustle into a peaceful setting. The place chosen was Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. With no network coverage and only plants and animals to surround, there couldn’t be a place better chosen.

Plan was made, tickets and hotels booked and we were off for a short vacation. Royal tiger resort was going to be our home for the next four days. Right from waking us up at 5 am to making safari arrangements, Mr Ravi the hotel manager took our charge.

Day 1, we headed to jungle full of hopes to spot the royal king, but ended up seeking satisfaction in the flora instead of fauna. And yes of course we had delicious food served to cheer us up.

Day 2 was a lucky one, with a close sighting of leopard and short sighting of tigress Sonam and her four cubs, we were delighted enough in the 1st half. Second half was cherry on the cake. With the mighty king of Tadoba Mr Wagdoh, walking towards us and posing for more than 30 minutes, what more could we expect? We returned to the hotel, full of smiles. Hotel owner Mr. Bapat’s comment – “today you would not mind even if I don’t add salt to your food” was apt enough. We were still in Mr. Wagdoh’s aura, browsing through his pictures, discussing his style and thanking our luck.

Good time flies away soon and so did our 4 days. Now it was time to head back to Nagpur. Seeking quick blessings of Tekadi Ganpati and shopping delicious orange barfis at Haldiram, we boarded our Indigo.

Today in office, I couldn’t stop myself from telling the tiger stories. Hoping to see Mr Wagdoh and many others once again soon!!